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Nailing your online payments for stress-free Christmas shopping

Adyen's grinch-proof payment guide

It’s the season to be shopping, and as Christmas approaches, the last thing you want is a glitch in your online payment system. In this article, we're diving into the details of why it's crucial to get your online payments sorted, especially when the holiday rush hits. Plus, we're spilling the beans on tips from Adyen, the payment pros, to make sure your online store sleighs this festive season.

Marketing Officer

Evelyn Oome

Publishing date

Dec 15, 2023

The holiday season is a time of joy, festivities, and, of course, a flurry of online shopping. As the Christmas season approaches, businesses need to ensure that their online payment methods are not only functional but also optimized for the peak periods of holiday shopping.

Smooth sailing checkout

Happy customers, full carts

Imagine you're all set to buy that perfect gift and bam! You're redirected to who-knows-where during checkout. Frustrating, right? Adyen suggests keeping it simple with an embedded checkout page. No redirects, just smooth sailing. This not only keeps customers happy but also stops them from ditching their carts in frustration.

Choices matter

Recipe for payment success

People love choice, especially when it comes to paying. Adyen says offering a variety of payment methods is a game-changer. If your customer prefers PayPal and you only have card options, they might just click away. So, give them what they want – a smorgasbord of payment choices.

Getting friendly with data

Data Connect, your customer's wishlist

Adyen's got this cool tool called Data Connect. It's like having Santa's list but for your customers. Knowing who they are and how they shop is gold. With Data Connect, you can tailor your store to fit them like a Christmas jumper. It's the secret sauce to turning visitors into loyal customers.

Cheers to loyalty

Roll out the red carpet

Speaking of loyalty, nothing says 'I appreciate you' like a reward. Adyen's Data Connect not only spills the beans on customer behaviour but also helps you spot the VIPs. So, why not roll out the red carpet? Rewards for the regulars make them feel special and keep them coming back for more festive shopping.

Sleigh-packed success

Revenue Accelerate magic

Picture this: a customer's payment gets declined. Yikes! Adyen's got your back with Revenue Accelerate. It's like having a money-savvy elf tweaking things behind the scenes. By analysing data, Adyen helps you dodge payment declines, making sure your sleigh is packed with profits this Christmas.

Jingle all the way

A grinch-proof shopping experience

This Christmas, don't let payment hiccups be the Grinch stealing joy from your online store. Adyen's tips, from ditching redirects to embracing diverse payments and using Data Connect, ensure your customers have a holly-jolly shopping experience. So, prepare your e-commerce shop, show your customers some love, and let the virtual cash registers jingle all the way to a successful Christmas season!