About supersonic

Commerce Aviators

What happens when a jet aviates at MACH speed?
It becomes supersonic.

Our unique approach and experience result in unparalleled enterprise commerce solutions through the use of cutting-edge composable solutions, more specifically know as MACH powered tech.


We're a technology-driven organisation with a fresh architectural vision and the ability to adapt commerce strategies at supersonic speed.

The world of digital commerce is evolving at lightning speed. Enterprises struggle to keep up with the latest trends and the ability to take reasoned, yet informed decisions concerning their online commercial ambitions. Supersonic acts as a beacon in a sea of uncertainty by bringing expert knowledge and expertise to the table and actively guiding both B2C as B2B enterprises in their digital ventures.

When a jet flies at MACH speed, it becomes supersonic. We provide future-shaping e-commerce technology in accordance with the most recent e-commerce trends of composable commerce by MACH principles. Our customers benefit from the ability to adapt and implement commerce strategies fast using a fresh, yet flexible architectural vision.

Even more importantly, we are a group of highly skilled consultants who love to build and by doing so, bringing our beloved enterprise customers throughout Europe to the future of digital commerce at MACH speed.


supersonic in numbers

35 Awesome team members

150+ Years of combined in-house
experience in e-commerce

25+ Successfully completed projects

Our unique group of experts thrives to build the most challenging digital commerce projects, using state-of-the-art MACH platforms. Our teams go for nothing less than truly satisfied customers.

— Delivery Management, supersonic


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Trusted partners

Sourcing the fitting, trusted partners is essential in delivering state-of-the-art digital commerce solutions. At supersonic, we sincerely believe in profound partnerships and therefore are thrilled to work with only best-in-class MACH platforms. Explore further details regarding our partner alliances here.