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Modern technology has evolved, enabling new ways to think about and do business. To ensure that enterprises can innovate swiftly and have an agile experience roadmap, they require a modular, composable architecture. In that sense, a new era in digital commerce is established using MACH principles.

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MACH Alliance, a group of best-of-breed enterprise technology ecosystems who help companies take advantage of the most innovative and flexible enterprise technologies available and to break the release cycle.



A microservices-based commerce platform provides the highest flexibility to pick and choose where to focus your teams’ efforts. Because each microservice is deployed independently, developing and maintaining it is, much easier and more cost-efficient.

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An API-first approach makes a difference for commerce in so many ways. Using APIs lets you easily call on the data you need. Even better, APIs make it simple, transparant yet performant to bridge different systems together such as a CRM and CMS, for example.



By choosing cloud-native platforms, not only are your applications hosted in the cloud, they’re also developed in the cloud. Cloud-native platforms give you faster access to information, faster reaction time and unlimited scalability. We are experienced yet agnostic regarding all prime cloud platforms.

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MACH placeholder image


Headless platforms decouple the front end of your commerce infrastructure from the back end, enabling teams to work independently. Headless also facilitates pulling information you need and deploy it on a new front—to support new devices, for example—so you can quickly adapt to any future changes.

About the MACH Alliance


The MACH ecosystem has proven to be agile, nimble and always up to date. MACH technologies support a composable enterprise in which every component is pluggable, scalable, replaceable and can be continuously improved to meet evolving business requirements through agile development. By future-proofing enterprise technology and propelling current and future digital experiences, MACH helps businesses get an edge over the competition.

The MACH Alliance is a not-for-profit industry body that advocates for an open and best-of-breed enterprise technology ecosystem. The Alliance aims to educate and support the industry as a whole on what to look out for when (planning to) moving from legacy infrastructure and going composable, including when, where and how to start and select partners. The Alliance is a vendor-neutral institution that provides resources, education and guidance through industry experts to support companies on their journey.

As part of the digital Xplore Group cluster, supersonic has partnered with major MACH Alliance partners as essential foundation for tapping into the MACH eco-system.

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