Based on a solid track record, supersonic brings reliable enterprise-level strategy services to the table.

Ranging from strategic roadmap consultancy to expert functional or architectural know-how, our team of experts is able to bolster a long-term and future-proof online commerce vision, tailored to our clients' needs.

  • Strategic roadmap advice
  • Platform auditing
  • Functional consulting
  • Technical consulting


Our teams breathe digital. At supersonic, we enjoy pushing boundaries in order to create awesome digital experiences.

Focusing on enterprise platforms with profound future-proof nature, we embrace a composable architectural vision, and more specifically, we love MACH. Supersonic is recognised as a true one-stop shop regarding all digital commerce solutions, powered by our industry-leading development teams and commercetools.

  • Composable commerce
  • Enterprise MACH solutions
  • Omni-channel experiences
  • Mobile first design


We make it our commitment to grow our clients' projects towards the most performant, reliable and intuitive online platforms such as commercetools - empowering prime online interactions and conversion. Moreover, we keep up with the most demanding requirements regarding user experience and performance.

  • User experience design
  • Performance optimisations
  • Conversion optimisations
  • MACH integrations

Service solutions

In addition to our core services, supersonic is able to deliver exceptional managed services and operational support regarding its clients' online businesses. Mastering the major enterprise cloud platforms, we are able to harness the full potential of the enterprise-grade digital solutions we create.

  • Platform managed services
  • Master data management
  • Cloud hosting
  • Operational support