Launch your ecommerce platform at supersonic speed.

An accelerator suitable for all

Discover the power of innovation with our groundbreaking supersonic Blackbird accelerator. Seamlessly bridging the gap between cutting-edge technology and rapid commerce deployment, Blackbird propels your business into the future of commerce architecture. Skillfully assembled by our dedicated research and development team at supersonic, this accelerator is not just a product – it's a leap towards revolutionising your online commerce experience.

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Modular architecture

Blackbird offers a robust foundation equipped with easily activatable modules and integrations, streamlining the initial setup and supporting future expansions with minimal hassle.

MACH placeholder image
MACH placeholder image

Time to market

Blackbird significantly reduces the time it takes to bring your ecommerce solution to market, allowing you to seize opportunities promptly and benefit from cost efficiencies.


Future proof

The inherent flexibility and scalability of Blackbird ensure that your ecommerce platform remains adaptable to changing market demands and future innovations.

MACH placeholder image
MACH placeholder image

Added business value

From efficient content management and search optimisation to effective email marketing and a wide array of ecommerce features, Blackbird caters to all your business requirements.

Stacked with top-notch

MACH technologies

Packed with features that will amaze your customers.


Designed to spark innovation and propel your business towards unprecedented heights, these meticulously curated functionalities set a pioneering standard in commerce architecture. As you delve into the exceptional features that pave the path for your business growth, you will discover:

Product and category browsing

Product bundles and Shop the look

Payment handling by Adyen

Cross and upselling

Discount management by Voucherify

Content management by Contentful

Product ratings and reviews and Follow Model Module

Search and recommendations by Algolia

Wishlist and reorder functionality

Address book and store locator

Translation keys, currencies and locales

Intuitive customer and guest checkout

Email management by Brevo and OS Notify me

Family module and product labels

Monitoring with Google Analytics


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