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Black Friday and Cyber Monday prep

Surviving the traffic surge with MACH and commercetools!

November 24th has long been circled on the calendars of avid bargain hunters and early Christmas shoppers—yes, it's Black Friday! Yet, this shopping extravaganza has evolved beyond a single Friday; nowadays, consumers are treated to an entire week of enticing deals. As businesses anticipate a substantial surge in sales during this period, they face a distinctive challenge: effectively managing the overwhelming spikes in online traffic and transactions. Enter the solution — MACH technology and cutting-edge commerce platforms like commercetools. These innovations don't just offer scalability; they redefine your Black Friday shopping experience, ensuring a seamless and revolutionary approach to handling the heightened demand.

Gear up for Black Friday with MACH technology and commercetools. Learn how these innovations in e-commerce provide scalability, speed, and flexibility, ensuring your online platform can thrive during peak traffic. Elevate your customer experience and boost sales this holiday season.
Evelyn Oome
Marketing Officer


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Nov 20, 2023

Gear up for Black Friday with MACH technology and commercetools. Learn how these innovations in e-commerce provide scalability, speed, and flexibility, ensuring your online platform can thrive during peak traffic. Elevate your customer experience and boost sales this holiday season.

The Black Friday challenge

The need for a seamless shopping experience

Black Friday has evolved from the brick-and-mortar chaos to a predominantly online shopping mania. Shoppers expect a seamless, fast, and personalised experience when browsing and purchasing products. To meet these demands, retailers need scalable commerce platforms that can handle increased traffic, deliver content rapidly, and provide a consistent customer journey.

Enter MACH technology

Revolutionising E-Commerce Infrastructure

MACH technology has emerged as a game-changer in the world of e-commerce. It revolutionises the way businesses create and manage their digital commerce infrastructure. MACH technology allows for a modular, flexible, and decoupled architecture, perfectly suited to handle the demands of Black Friday and similar high-traffic events.

The benefits of MACH Technology


Effortlessly scale your e-commerce operations to meet demand fluctuations. On peak days like Black Friday, this adaptability ensures a seamless shopping experience for your customers by handling increased online traffic without disruptions.

Speed and performance

Commercial platforms can be enhanced for fast content delivery, resulting in faster page load times. This not only reduces bounce rates, but also ensures a seamless experience for customers by preventing frustration due to slow websites.

Flexibility and personalisation

There is flexibility to experiment with new features, content and personalisation strategies. You can tailor the shopping experience to individual customers, improving engagement and driving sales.

Zero downtime

Its modular and decoupled nature minimises the risk of system-wide failure. If a component experiences problems, it can be repaired or replaced without affecting the entire system, preventing downtime and maintaining business continuity.

Commercetools in action

Optimal performance, Cyber Week triumph, and omnichannel innovation for retail excellence

At the forefront of MACH technology is commercetools, a headless commerce platform designed for unparalleled scalability and adaptability. During Cyber Week 2022, commercetools demonstrated exceptional reliability, handling 8.4 billion requests with an average response time of just 23 milliseconds. This performance underscores the platform's capability to navigate the most demanding traffic surges seamlessly, ensuring uninterrupted service for your e-commerce platform.

Empowering retailers to effortlessly manage Black Friday rushes, commercetools enables customers to explore, select, and purchase products without delays. Its API-first approach facilitates seamless integration across various front-end channels, providing a cohesive shopping experience on the web, mobile, and other touchpoints. Beyond performance, commercetools empowers retailers to embrace innovative technologies and adopt omnichannel strategies, positioning them competitively in the ever-evolving e-commerce landscape.

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Unleashing MACH with supersonic

Your blueprint for a hassle-free Black Friday and beyond

If you want to ensure a smooth shopping experience for your customers even during peak periods, a commerce platform based on MACH technology, such as commercetools, is a strategic advantage. The scalability, speed and flexibility it offers can turn the holiday season into an opportunity for businesses to thrive rather than struggle.

With MACH technology, your online store will be prepared to handle the surge of customers, delivering a seamless and delightful shopping experience, ultimately leading to increased sales and customer satisfaction. So, as you gear up for the Holiday season, make sure your commerce platform is equipped with MACH technology to fully capitalise on the opportunities presented by the retail holidays.

Experience hassle-free Black Fridays! Optimise your commerce platform through supersonic's unparalleled expertise in MACH – don't hesitate to connect with us for skilled guidance.

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