Innovative fintech platform


Adyen is a financial technology platform founded in 2006 by a group of entrepreneurs. It is the go-to payment platform in which end-to-end payments, valuable payment data, and financial management are contained in one total solution which supersonic identifies as crucial for a future-proof payment platform.

Adyen is Surinamese for 'starting' over and that is exactly what the founders of Adyen have done. In 2006, existing payment technology was a patchwork of systems built on outdated infrastructure. To meet the rapidly evolving needs of today’s high-growth businesses, Adyen has built a modern infrastructure that connects directly to card networks and local payment methods around the world, enabling Unified Commerce.

Adyen offers a solution for any business model, regardless of the unique challenges that the model poses. Adyen is a payment partner behind international companies such as Facebook, Spotify, Coolblue, Nike, and many others. In the Benelux, companies such as Kinepolis, Rituals, Lensonline, Ace & Tate use the payment platform.

The benefits of Adyen

Direct Integration

With only one provider you can accept, process and complete payments. Your customers can pay however they want and you can accept payments from all over the world.

Risk Management

Block fraud, prevent conflicts and anticipate fraud trends thanks to advanced technology combined with risk rules that you can adjust yourself.

Global Acquiring

Payment processing tailored to your business. Grow into new markets, easily offer more payment methods and use advanced functionalities with one provider.

Unified Commerce

With unified commerce you link online and offline payments to one system. With the combined data, you gain a lot of valuable insights and take omnichannel to a higher level.

Joined forces

Adyen takes care of everything around payments from A to Z, from the best checkout experience to adding new payment methods and applying new legislation.

Supersonic ensures the seamless and secure integration of Adyen into your commerce system so that a unique payment experience is created for your customers.