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Celebrating International Women's Day

Spotlight on Female Developers

While we firmly believe in the recognition of women's achievements every day, we want to take a moment on International Women's Day to celebrate their remarkable accomplishments. Within our company, we take great pride in Stephanie, our first and (currently) only female developer.

Unfortunately, the issue of gender inequality among ICT experts in Belgium remains high, with less than one in five professionals being women. This trend is also reflected in our team, not due to any lack of desire for female representation, but simply because fewer women apply. Nonetheless, we are fully committed to addressing this in the years ahead, and Stephanie eagerly supports our plan. Let us hear her story about how she made the decision to pursue a career in IT.

Full Stack Developer - female developer at supersonic
Marketing Officer

Evelyn Oome

Publishing date

Mar 8, 2023

Our first and still only female developer Stephanie, works closely together with full stack developer Kobe.

From Nursing to IT

A complete career switch

Stephanie's journey to becoming a professional in IT was not a direct one. Initially, she pursued health care in high school and continued her higher education in nursing. However, she soon realized a lack in passion for nursing and began looking for a career that would fulfill her interests.

She stumbled upon Interactive Multimedia Design at Thomas More in Mechelen (Belgium) and opted for a complete career switch. Despite being outnumbered by men in the field, Stephanie found her calling and graduated three years later with a second, very different degree in her pocket.

Breaking Gender Barriers

Stephanie's Experience in a Male-Dominated Field

When Stephanie started job hunting, she knew she wanted a position that offered variety, and becoming a full-stack developer would fit the bill. After a few initial applications, she found the perfect match at our company, where she felt right at home. Stephanie's first few months were challenging but interesting, as she learned many new skills on the job. However, she found support from her colleagues who are always willing to help and share their knowledge.

Stephanie's immediate colleagues are men, but she experiences this only as a positive. Although communication styles may be more direct and humor is used more often, Stephanie did not find it hard to be the only woman in a team full of men. She sees her open communication style and caring qualities learned in her former career as a nurse as a valuable contribution to her team.

Stephanie, our first and still only female developer is working at her desk in our Corda Campus office.

Inspiring Women in IT

Stephanie's Advice for Women Considering a Career in IT

When asked if Stephanie would recommend other women pursue a career in IT, she replied that women shouldn't be put off by the fact that the tech industry is male-dominated, because she didn't either. If you have an initial strong interest in the field, you should just go for it; it could work out just as great for you as it did for her.

Stephanie is confident more women will join our teams, especially in developer positions, and she is happy to share her experience and knowledge with anyone willing to take on the challenge. From supersonic's point of view, we fully support this vision!