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Adyen's Unified Commerce

Revolutionising omnichannel experiences and data connectivity

In a recent power-packed meeting right here at our office, we had the pleasure of hosting Bouke van der Veen from Adyen, who unravelled the secrets behind their game-changing payment platform. As promised, we're thrilled to spill the tea on the wealth of insights we gathered, especially as we dive into the dynamic universe of unified commerce.

As the world of commerce transforms, the spotlight is on omnichannel and unified commerce, paving the way for extraordinary customer experiences. Enter Adyen, the trailblazing payments provider that fearlessly embraces the future with its groundbreaking Unified Commerce approach. This ingenious strategy breaks free from traditional siloed systems, promising a seamlessly integrated solution that's set to redefine the game.

Now, let's zoom in on the key differences and innovations that position Adyen as the ultimate game-changer in the field of payments and customer insights. Get ready for a journey into a future where commerce meets innovation, and Adyen is leading the way!

adyen payments unified commerce
Marketing Officer

Evelyn Oome

Publishing date

Mar 22, 2024

adyen payments unified commerce

Omnichannel vs. Unified Commerce

Connecting the dots

Enough with the disjointed shopping experiences! Omnichannel might have united physical stores and online shopping, but it left us juggling between separate systems. Unified commerce steps up by seamlessly weaving together mobile, POS, and websites. Imagine this: snagging shoes online and effortlessly returning them in-store, all while your payment info stays magically linked.

And here comes Adyen's Unified Commerce solution, armed with the superhero cape called DataConnect. This feature takes on the challenge of scattered data, making sure even if customers keep it incognito in-store, unique payment IDs step in, giving us a full 360° view of how customers shop. For customers, it's not just shopping that's connected – it's a smooth, seamless experience that feels like a perfect fit.


A game-changer in Unified Commerce

DataConnect is a tool that taps into the magic of special payment codes like PAR identifiers and card aliases. Basically, it makes linking online and in-store transactions a breeze – no more fussing with old-school stuff like email IDs or loyalty membership numbers.

Now, why should you care? Well, this tool isn't just a fancy upgrade; it's like a secret weapon for businesses. Imagine taking all that transaction data and seamlessly plugging it into CRM systems. The result? A goldmine of insights that businesses can use for super-targeted marketing and loyalty programs. It's like giving businesses a crystal ball to make smarter decisions and create personalised experiences that really hit the mark with customers.

Here's the real kicker – DataConnect is like a mind reader for customer behaviour. It helps businesses understand how people shop, so they can tweak their marketing to fit each person. This isn't just about keeping customers; it's about boosting the bottom line. More personalised marketing means more revenue.

CASA International and Adyen

A Unified Commerce power duo

Meet CASA International, the contemporary interior decoration brand spread across 9 countries with a whopping 500 stores. Guess who they found as their ideal sidekick for all things unified commerce? None other than Adyen!

Adyen's got this incredible knack for local payment methods, tidying up transaction data, and rocking the Unified Commerce game. What does that mean for CASA? Well, it's like their operations just got a superhero upgrade – more time saved, more efficiency cranked up, and all-around smoother operations. Talk about finding the perfect match!

Shaping tomorrow's commerce

Seamless transactions, data connectivity, and full-scale financial empowerment

Adyen doesn't just hit the brakes on innovation; with Click to Pay, they are making online payments a breeze, enhancing customer satisfaction, and boosting conversion rates. And if that's not enough, their Tap to Pay on iPhone takes convenience to a whole new level, allowing merchants to accept payments on the move using just a smartphone.

Now, in a strategic power move, Adyen has clinched a banking license, expanding its horizons into financial services. What does this mean for you? Faster fund settlements and a gateway for platform merchants to tap into a range of banking services, from speedy fund settlements to capital financing. With this move, Adyen emerges as the go-to financial ally for businesses.

As Adyen leads the charge in unified commerce, it's crystal clear that their innovative solutions are steering the future of payments and customer experiences. Picture this: seamless transactions, data connectivity, and a full suite of financial services. Adyen is paving the way into a new era of commerce, giving businesses the tools to flourish in an ever-evolving landscape.

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