Based on a solid track record, supersonic brings reliable enterprise-level strategy services to the table.

Ranging from strategic roadmap consultancy to expert functional or architectural know-how, our team of experts is able to bolster a long-term and future-proof online commerce vision, tailored to our clients' needs.

Strategic roadmap advice
Strategic roadmap advice

Strategic roadmap advice

Digital commerce strategy at its best

When it comes down to composing an ambitious, yet fitting roadmap for your digital commerce endeavours, expert knowledge is required to overlook the different aspects of enterprise-level commerce.

Supersonic holds extensive experience in guiding enterprises to define and achieve their strategic goals in a realistic way.

  • Strategic vision definition
  • Multi-year roadmap composition
  • Turning ambitions into defined project milestones
  • Technology platforms outline
  • Organisational change management

Platform auditing

Examining the most complex platforms

Based on its broad track record in auditing existing digital commerce platforms, supersonic aims to deliver an independent audit track where comprehensive analysis and in-depth investigation are combined to reveal platform flaws and crucial malfunctions - both from a technology point of view as well as organisational.

A platform audit results in a distinct audit report, which is presented in full transparency to all relevant stakeholders, including tangible recommendations and action points. Supersonic holds over 10 years of experience in conducting audits in the most complex and challenging commerce platforms.

  • Overall platform health & code quality check
  • High-level application assessment
  • Infrastructure & DevOps examination
  • Key stakeholders interviews
  • Architecture insights
  • Technical debt assessment
  • Operational review
Platform auditing
Platform auditing

Functional consulting
Functional consulting

Functional consulting

Business requirements as starting point

Our functional consultants support our clients by turning business requirements into functional user stories that make sense. Functional analysis and related consulting mark a cornerstone of supersonic's know-how. Based on its strong ability to functionally reflect with our clients, supersonic can make a considerable difference in defining end-user centric customer journeys and functional processes.

  • Business requirements gathering
  • Interactive workshop sessions
  • End-user customer journeys
  • Functional user story creation

Technical consulting

Engineers thriving to build awesome code

Besides functional consultants, supersonic is a team of builders. Expert engineers who turn strategies in functionaly working, structured code with a strong focus on maintainability and performance.

  • Microservices creation
  • MACH platform set-up
  • Custom Java development
  • API integration development
  • DevOps foundation
Technical consulting
Technical consulting

Our unique group of experts thrives to build the most challenging digital commerce projects, using state-of-the-art MACH platforms. Our teams go for nothing less than truly satisfied customers.

— Delivery Management, supersonic

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