We make it our commitment to grow our clients' projects towards the most performant, reliable and intuitive online platforms such as commercetools - empowering prime online interactions and conversion. Moreover, we keep up with the most demanding requirements regarding user experience and performance.

User experience design
User experience design

User experience design

Optimisation through user behavior & data

Our clients and their end-users benefit from our field expertise regarding user interface and user experience. While building online projects, we make sure our end-user touchpoints excel in terms of functionality, structure and overall user experience, resulting in frictionless experiences across all channels. Putting users at the center of the design process is crucial for successful online experiences.

Supersonic holds extensive experience in guiding enterprises to define and achieve their strategic goals in a realistic way.

  • End-user behaviour analytics
  • Customer centric UX
  • Intuitive online applications
  • Accessibility

Performance optimisations

Performance is king

Supersonic holds industry-leading expertise regarding the creation and optimisation of performant online solutions. While enabling the full potential of MACH Saas platforms and more particularly its API and cloud-native architecture, we create truly blazing-fast experiences.

  • Powerful API integrations
  • MACH Saas platforms
  • Storefront performance optimisations
Performance optimisations
Performance optimisations

Conversion optimisations
Conversion optimisations

Conversion optimisations

Turning visitors into sales

Conversion is commonly perceived as a very broad topic because it can be impacted by each aspect of the user experience. With the correct tooling and know-how concerning conversion rate optimisation, the shopping experience and related sales activities can be improved.

CRO specialists support our customers in personalising customer engagement and improving overall online shopping quality.

  • CRO expertise
  • A/B testing
  • Shopping personalisation

MACH integrations

Connecting best-in-class solutions

MACH involves a new-gen commerce platform approach with unparalleled, performant Saas platforms such as commercetools, Algolia or Contentful.

Supersonic masters the proper setup, configuration and integration between these platforms using microservices in order to provide a fully integrated and flexible architecture.

  • Microservices composition
  • Composable architecture
  • MACH platform set-up
  • API integration development
  • Headless storefront technology (Vue, React)
MACH integrations
MACH integrations

Our unique group of experts thrives to build the most challenging digital commerce projects, using state-of-the-art MACH platforms. Our teams go for nothing less than truly satisfied customers.

— Delivery Management, supersonic

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