Our teams breathe digital. At supersonic, we enjoy pushing boundaries in order to create awesome digital experiences.

Focusing on enterprise platforms with profound future-proof nature, we embrace a composable architectural vision, and more specifically, we love MACH. Supersonic is recognised as a true one-stop shop regarding all digital commerce solutions, powered by our industry-leading development teams and commercetools.

Composable commerce
Composable commerce

Composable commerce

Modern commerce approach

The world of digital commerce is in full transformation towards more flexibility, moving away from traditional monolith platforms. Supersonic fully supports its clients in making the correct and well-informed decisions regarding their transition towards composable commerce.

  • Business case assessment
  • Roadmap composition towards composable
  • Technical depth evaluation existing platform
  • Management decision taking support
  • Frictionless, integrated solutions
  • Scalable platforms by nature

Enterprise MACH solutions

Cutting-edge commerce solutions

Based on the new era of digital commerce platforms, dedicated cutting-edge composable platforms were established. These platforms share common next-gen commerce principles to deliver unparalleled flexibility. Supersonic is a solid partner with leading MACH platforms.

  • Microservices based architecture
  • API-first approach
  • Cloud-native infrastructural setup
  • Headless touchpoints
  • Maximum feature rollout flexibility
  • Versionless applications
  • Strong partnerships
Enterprise MACH solutions
Enterprise MACH solutions

Omni-channel experiences
Omni-channel experiences

Omni-channel experiences

End-user satisfaction

Providing customers with a smooth and similar experience throughout different touchpoints is key in online commerce. These touchpoints generally include web or mobile applications, yet also kiosks, in-car commerce, or progressive web applications. Supersonic development teams are able to deliver a common and seamless distribution of data and quality.

  • Consistent data distribution
  • Extensive experiences
  • Intuitive customer journeys

Mobile first design

Mobile leading conversion

The appearance and usability of an online commerce platform are crucial for converting interest into actual sales actions. Mobile first design allows enterprises to guard the level of quality regarding end-user interactions.

  • Appealing and intuitive design creation
  • Top-notch end-user experience
  • Native app development (iOS, Android)
  • Conversion optimisations
Mobile first design
Mobile first design

Our unique group of experts thrives to build the most challenging digital commerce projects, using state-of-the-art MACH platforms. Our teams go for nothing less than truly satisfied customers.

— Delivery Management, supersonic

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