Your technology and innovation partner

Cronos Group

Cronos Group, founded in 1991, evolved from a one-man business into a larger group with 8,000 employees. Cronos consists of a cluster of smaller IT and marketing oriented companies. One of the largest and better-known cluster companies is Xplore Group, of which supersonic is part of.

The company is an excellent example of innovative entrepreneurship, within the group everyone works as one team to shape the most progressive ideas.

The Cronos Group aims to help companies find creative, high-quality and profitable ways to maximize the potential of new technologies. Their approach enables companies to get the most out of existing investments while taking advantage of new technological opportunities.

The group is also continuously looking for creative, driven people and is always willing to listen to innovative ideas from potential entrepreneurs.

The benefits of the Cronos Group

Innovative entrepreneurship

Active in various innovative sectors, Cronos aims to be a catalyst in translating scientific research into business solutions.

Strong group

Cronos Group is a early stage investor, incubator, integrator and venture capitalist. The group participates in more than 500 companies and is actively involved in the start-up of 30 small businesses a year.

New technologies

Cronos Group is a pioneer in introducing new and innovative technologies, which often results in radical changes.


The group actively supports and encourages potential entrepreneurs to get started with the best technologies in the world.

Powered by a large ecosystem

The advantage of working with supersonic is having a backbone of more than 7000 specialized resources of the Cronos Group supporting your project.

Supersonic can be your single partner to manage and implement your digital landscape from start to finish, tapping into additional and specialized expertise of the Cronos Group network.